November 21, 2011

It's crazy-ass holiday fair time!

Life is INSANE for crafty artists at this time of year. It's when we pull all-nighters, giving ourselves blisters folding paper, sewing things, and generally feeling overwhelmed yet nonetheless SUPER COMPELLED TO MAKE STUFF. And you, the public, get to find neat gifts for people that are unavailable at any other time, in any other place. So here, in order of appearance, are the many craft fairs and small press fairs and pop-up shops that I will be at in the next month, all with my trusty sidekick JP King close at hand.
1. EXPOZINE. Aka the happiest place on earth. I love Expozine. I love it so much. Last year I got locked out of my house at 3 am the night before Expozine because I decided in the middle of the night that my Expozine table would be perfect if only I went to my studio to get an awesome shelf. I left my house and lost my keys on the way and spent like an hour walking around looking for them before hopping the fence into my backyard and miraculously getting in to my house. And you know what? THAT SUCKED, but Expozine was STILL AWESOME. Such is the power of 300 small press vendors in one room.

Next week: Smart Design Mart...