September 28, 2012

SPiN Art Show Tonight

I have art in a ping pong bar tonight. Yes, you heard that right. Toronto has a ping pong bar. Here is a shitty late-night photo of what turned into a portrait of Patti Smith. I covered up a lot of the craziness with her hair, but looking at this I wish I had retained a little more of it. Next time!

I am not sure who the artists are this time around but last time it was a strong crew of Toronto street artists and I am sure the latest batch of art will be just as good. Photos from the last show are here.

Here is the event info:

September 29, 2012
10:00 PM – 4:00 AM
Join us as we celebrate our 1 year anniversary this Saturday September 29th! This will be one blowout of a party from 10pm to 4am–yes FOUR EH EM!!
DJ Sets from JayC, Island Riot, Brendan Canning, and Polaris nominated Cadence Weapon!
Artwork from the Plywood Group Show

Polaris Prize Recap

The Polaris Prize gala happened on Monday. It was really great seeing some of Canada's best musicians play a few songs, meet Kathleen Edwards, and even though I am generally not great at keeping secrets I got to sign the winner's name on a giant cheque and totally kept that secret like some sort of mafia badass. Here are a few pics by Dustin Rabin that I snagged off the Polaris Prize facebook page. See more at

My handiwork (kind of wanted YAMANTAKA // Sonic Titan to win
but was also relieved to have a shorter name take the prize)

Best part of the night: the amazing pole dancer Gary with Grimes

All the posters framed. Such good work by all of the artists!

September 11, 2012

New Work + Live Free Show at the Hellion Gallery in Portland

Three new drawings never before seen by the internet are at the Hellion Gallery in Portland this month for the LIVE FREE show, put on by Mike Maxwell. And now they are also here, on the INTERNET, for your cyber-viewing pleasure.

I'm pretty happy that the Hellion Gallery is so on top of things because I did not scan these drawings before I sent them off, so many thanks to the fine folks there for taking care of that. You can see more photos of the show here and at Mike Maxwell's blog and you can purchase works from the show online here.

I kind of felt when I made the Hand drawing (below) that it was a bit derivative of Mike Giant, so how weird is it that it ended up in a show WITH Mike Giant?! Ah well, that's life. Plus, his stuff is so in another realm of awesome that it's not even possible to really be similar to him, try as one might.

Polaris Music Prize Poster 2012: Kathleen Edwards | Voyageur

It's up on their website so I guess I can officially announce it: I made the poster for Kathleen Edwards' nomination for the 2012 Polaris Music Prize. The PP celebrates the best in independent music in Canada with a sweet reward of $25,000 for the winning artist. They further add to the awesome by getting 10 artists to make a custom screen printed poster in celebration of each nominee on the short list. The prize is awarded September 24 in Toronto.

I am thrilled to be back at the drawing board after creating a poster for Patrick Watson in 2009. Below is this years version, this time for Kathleen Edward's album 'Voyageur'. The screen printed poster will be available in limited number at my Etsy shop soon (my shop is currently on hiatus but will come back once the posters are in). I only have ten, so don't delay: reserve your copy by e-mailing me at

Special thanks to Bianca and Mike at Kid Icarus for screen printing it!

See all the posters here:

September 6, 2012

Croft Laneway Revitalization

Here are some pictures from a scorching hot day at the end of June. 10 artists descended on Croft Lane near Kensington Market in Toronto to revitalize a stretch of road that was covered in some pretty sorry graffiti. Big thanks to Adrian Dilena of Whippersnapper Gallery and the Kensington Market Community Association for organizing the event and providing piping hot Mexican food, cold drinks, sweet tunes, and all the paint and supplies.

The alley from a distance

People in this neighbourhood have style

Lemon Bucket played some great music

Painting starts

Javid's killing it

Jp goes isometric

Yours truly perhaps picked something that was a little too labor intensive!

Here it is at the end of the day, still in need of a bit of work. The alley faces onto an elementary school playground.

Jp King's bold mural.
Nic Robins' bright colours pop.

The alley looks amazing now!