August 24, 2012

Live Free Show at Hellion Gallery in Portland

I've got 3 brand new drawings in an upcoming show at the Hellion Gallery in Portland, OR. This is the second time I've sent work to Portland this year (earlier for a print exhibition at Portland State University in conjunction with Open Engagement, a conference on the topic of art and social practice). I've yet to visit this amazing city but it's high on my list!

This time around it's for the Live Free show, put on by the truly awesome Mike Maxwell. The show features artists who have been on Mike's Live Free podcast, and I'm in good company alongside the likes of Mike Giant, Greg Simkins, Kevin Peterson, and many, many others (including En Masse pals Jason Botkin, Fred Caron, and Kevin Ledo).

If you're in Portland the show opens September 6 at 6pm.

The Hellion Gallery is located at 19NW 5th ave, suite 204.

You can listen to En Masse on the Live Free podcast here: