June 13, 2013

Papirmasse and Paper Pusher at The Commonwealth / Go Home Magazine

My skull drawing is in the latest issue of Go Home magazine, a new arrival on the Toronto arts landscape. More than a magazine, they are also the people behind The Commonwealth, a new Toronto-based collective whose aim "is to bring together Toronto’s independent creative communities, with a focus on DIY, small press, and independent print and publishing. Through curated events, The Commonwealth will help local creatives join forces to promote the DIY and small press scene as a whole."

The latest issue - pick it up at Type Books and other fine retailers
The Commonwealth put on a zine fair in the sweaty, sweaty Sterling lofts last week. Jp held down the fort as I stayed up all night long enjoying an impromptu bachelorette party (thanks ladies!). Here are some photos of the night, all taken by Charles Yao (who is not only a great photographer, but also the designer of the fantastic Little Brother Magazine, run by Emily Keeler).


Risograph Royalty: Jp King of Paper Pusher and Jesjit Gill of Colour Code

Many more photos at http://gohomeprint.ca

Gettin' MARRIED + Paper Pusher & Papirmasse at Broken Pencil's NXNE Zine Fair!

If you are sensing a theme from the last three posts... yes, Paper Pusher and I are collaborating a lot more. That's because (spoiler alert) I just married JP King, the paper pusher himself. We joined forces when we moved in together a year ago, but as our wedding date approached we both realized that we really want to make this whole small-press thing a team sport for real. We have been exhibiting and tabling together more (at events such as The Commonwealth and this weekend's NXNE Zine Fair), and we will be soon announcing a few other very exciting collaborations.

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For those not in the know, Paper Pusher is a small printshop (run out of our home) that specializes in artist-made products and prints using a risograph. Basically a never-ending stream of incredibly talented people come traipsing up our stairs, and I get to see their beautiful files turn into incredible prints like this:

and this:

and this:

 and this:

and this (my new book - more on that soon):

Jp King is also an artist who makes beautiful collages like this:

and crazy contraptions like this Exquisite Corpse typewriter machine (pictured here at Art Metropole during their recent book symposium):

All this goes to say: this weekend we are tabling at the NXNE zine fair, put on by Broken Pencil!

There's a nice blog post about it here, with a full list of vendors: http://www.brokenpencil.com/news/broken-pencil-and-nxne-present-a-small-press-arts-fair

But all you need to know is:

Ryerson’s campus (Gould Street, across from Balzac coffee)  
Saturday, June 15 
11am – 4pm

Hope to see you there!

Papirmasse & Paper Pusher at MassivArt's Chromatic

MassivArt sent along some more images (courtesy of Sebastien Roy) from their Chromatic exhibition last month in Montreal. Chromatic is a HUGE art party that sees several thousand visitors and dozens of Montreal artists come together in an insane amount of fun. It happened this year at the Darling Foundry. We were very happy to be part of their 'Salon de Lecture' (reading room). 

Paper Pusher and Papirmasse have zines in Orange County!

I am a part of the about-to-open ORANGE COUNTY ZINE LIBRARY & READING ROOM, an exhibition curated by L.A. Zine Fest in collaboration with popular zine festivals in Brooklyn, Houston, Scranton, and San Francisco.  

Woooo! Zine Libraries are the best. 

Paper Pusher and I sent along a package of works that we have published, as well as a few issues of Papirmasse.

A zine is a small circulation self-published work of original and/or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via Do-It-Yourself culture including photocopier, printing press, or just paper and pen.  Artists often use zines to share their own work, thoughts, and ideas with their peers.

Check out http://www.ocgp.org for more info!