December 15, 2011

Come check out the Cease Holiday Flea Market this weekend

Come say hi at the Cease Holiday Flea Market this weekend!
180 St. Catherine Est, December 17 & 18, 10 am - 6pm.

The CEASE Holiday Flea Market is back, bringing you so much amazing local art and handmade goods that you’ll forget all about Santa! Everything from photos and illustrations to knits, tshirts, jewelry and beyond, there are all sorts of awesome things up for grabs this year!

Our philosophy is simple: Gift-giving is nice, rampant consumerism is less so. Why waste money in big box stores when you could instead get really unique and awesome gifts for friends at the flea market, all the while supporting the local arts community?

And this ain’t yo grandma’s flea market – we’re hosting some of our
favorite local artists in one of the best local spaces: Under
Pressure’s Fresh Paint Gallery!

Plus, there will be ridiculously tasty cupcakes being sold to raise
funds for Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue! They’ll also be gift wrapping,
which means you get to give great gifts in beautiful boxes, AND be
lazy at the same time! Plus get a sugar high while you’re at it. Yep,
CEASE has got you covered.

Seriously though, this event not only allows you to pick up cool new
stuff, it also helps support our city’s arts community, the CEASE Art
Collective anddd gives you some bonus karma points via Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue.

So, even if you’re not shopping, just drop in to say hello and check
out the work. We’re offering a serious dose of authentic holiday
spirit! We may even play some Christmas songs.

Oh, and, remember, cash only!

Some new drawings

Here are a few new drawings I did in my recent exploration into repeating patterns.

December 9, 2011

Puces Pop and Casa del Popolo 'Super Presse Club'

2 fun things happening this weekend (third week of my marathon craft fair spree).

1. Puces Pop. The best little craft fair that could. Don't miss it or you'll miss out on some great gifts! Seriously, I traded the fabulous Sophie of Unik Printshop for one of her sweaters last week and absolutely fell in love (I basically live in it now). It is made of the softest, most wonderful fabric ever to grace a hoodie, and is screenprinted with one of her lovely drawings. The next day I was browsing in mall land. I'm not much of a shopper, and it didn't take long to discover that everything in the mall that costs the same as the apparel sold at places like Smart Design Mart and Puces Pop is about half the quality. I was really stunned at the nasty scratchy fabric that cost the same as Unik's incredible apparel, and vowed to save my clothing money for future events where I can buy directly from local designers.

Saturday and Sunday
December 10th - 11th: 11am-6pm
5035 St-Dominique, church basement between Laurier & St-Joseph

2. Super Presse Club! Casa del Popolo is being transformed into a pop-up print shop this month. Come score some sweet printed matter by 14 Montreal artists for a limited time.

All December long, from Thursday to Sunday, 12 - 5 pm. Open from Tuesday onwards the last week of December for you last-minute shoppers out there.

Featuring Julie Doucet, Seripop, Popolo Press, Simon Bossé, Jesse Purcell, Tyler Rauman, Jacinthe Loranger, Dominique Pétrin, Breeree, Daygristle Kirsten McCrea and JP King and Nomryn.

Casa del Popolo: 4873 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal