July 14, 2008

Free Patterns Online

For those of you who are visually attuned, you'll notice a change or two here (I'm secretly beaming at having been able to figure out enough HTML to make this thing look prettier - maybe building my own website this year won't be such a chore...oh dear, that had the ring of 'famous last words', didn't it?).
The background pattern I used is from Squidfingers, and since he is kind enough to offer 158 patterns for free, asking only for a shout-out in return, here it is.  They're mostly really great, and I'm sure I'll make use of some more in the future.
While we're talking patterns, the aforementioned Vikki (see below) linked to a great site today on her blog GoMediaZine.  This page is a tutorial on building intricate patterns in Illustrator (not that you'll need to do that with the Squidfingers link).

*Edit: oh my god, I'm in love.  If you're into patterns, or colour relationships, THIS will knock your socks off!   

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Vikki Wiercinski said...

patterns, patterns, PATTERNS! there's a really cool tutorial on how to make your own over at designsponge*. go, julia rothman, go!