September 8, 2008

Design for Mankind

This is an exciting day.  I just got mentioned on the LA-based mega-inspirational art site Design for Mankind!   Founder Erin Loechner launched the site last year to document the work of emerging artists and designers, and provide a forum for creative-types to get inspired by each others work.  They have a crazy huge readership - 8,000 people a day!!! - and also publish a magazine, Mankind Mag

I was curious which image of mine Erin (who is, by the way, possibly the sweetest person on earth to have a random e-mail conversation with) was going to use, and she went with one of my favourites: an illustration of Arthur from Degrassi, digitally altered from a 2006 drawing series called 'Everyone I know Loves Degrassi' (viewable somewhere in the archives of this blog).  

She links to my carbonmade page (, which is my temporary portfolio until launches sometime in the next few months.  Along with a new site, I'm starting a new project to bring in a little moola, this being the year of saving up for a studio space.  

Send me a photo and I'll illustrate you!  For reals.  Full details on when it launches, or by e-mail (  

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I want to be illustrated!!!!!!