December 5, 2008


It seems I am not the only one who has spotted the similarities between Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and a hamster. The keen eye of Don Martin in on the trail too. In a recent National Post article entitled "What we can learn from Stephen Harper and the Syrian hamster", Mr. Martin writes that:

"It took Prime Minister Stephen Harper more than two hours Thursday to arm-twist Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean into terminating Parliament after just 16 days.

Speaking of just 16 days, that’s precisely the gestation period of the Syrian Hamster, a solitary creature that will not live with other hamsters past a certain age without fighting and must be kept in separate cages."

He goes on about hamsters for a while after that. Because SH is so hamstery that even right wing pundits can't let it go. In fact, I rechristen him Stephen Hamster.

Is it the beady little eyes? The similar gestation periods? The giant exercise wheel in his office? I don't know, but I do truly hope that Don Martin responds to the e-mail I sent him, and that we get off on a long exchange about all of our Prime Ministers hamstery ways.

(The best part of this e-mail is the ads that popped up on the side)Though I am a little inclined as of late to say that Mr. Harper may, in fact, be more like a weasel. Today he cancelled Canada's Parliament to avoid a vote that would have put a coalition of his opponents into place instead of himself. If you aren't Canadian, the analogy is that he pressed Pause, Reset, Play on the government. I'm not going to get into it here, but there are some decent articles out there on the issue, such as this one and this one. Strangely, neither mentions hamsters. Damn editors!
In closing, here is one of my favourites from my Stephen Harper photo collection (hey, everyone has to have a hobby), a collection that I started long before I ever even heard of the Framing Harper Portrait Contest. Some things are just written in the stars, you know?

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Erik said...

We are trying to move to Canada and this guy keeps giving me the ugly shivers. He supports virtually every stupid idea Bush has had.

We were in BC last year when he came on TV and announced that he wanted to create random police stops throughout the country to check for sobriety. What's more is that he also wanted to take a swab of the inside of each person's mouth that they stopped to verify if they had any residual drugs in their systems (and likely store their DNA).

I'm not certain what species he is, I just hope that he is long gone when we get there.