February 28, 2009

Framing Harper

This is my second portrait of Stephen Harper for the Framing Harper Portrait Contest, sponsored by Art Threat. I chose to focus this time less on his beady little eyes and more on his hair. How does the man who shapes our government policy shape that beastly coiffe? Neither hailstorm, nor windstorm, nor snowstorm, nor sunstorm, nor mediastorm seams to have any effect on his luscious mane. Closer public scrutiny is needed of this storm-proof hair! I know that I myself do not have any answers - not yet - but I do know one thing: the damned hair is hard to draw.

1 comment:

Adam Bergeron said...

Hi kristen!

i really love your drawing it is really cool and funny, i prefer it to the "stupid hamster face" you've done before.

I have made several portraits of the prime minister last fall, you can see one of them i've posted on my blog.