November 21, 2009

Recent Studio Shots

I looked around my studio last week and -eep!- there were 15 unfinished paintings being worked on. Okay: time to buckle down and finish some! Here are a few shots of what's going on. And since then, for the record, I have indeed managed to finish 2, with a good, clear direction on 2 more. Another 2 are so close to being done I really have no excuse - it's just final details at this point. So hopefully in the next couple weeks I will have some nice new works hanging in my home, instead of cluttering up my already crowded workspace.

Putin is hiding behind Jacques Brel.
Part of a new painting:
This sucker is DONE!
Old drawing, new shot of it. For sale, $40 (email kirstenmccrea -at- See the full shot here.
Leftover colours on the palette become angry bear.
Thanks for looking!

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