July 22, 2010

Papergirl Berlin

These lovely people give away free art!This summer Papirmasse participated in Papergirl Berlin, an idea that has girls (and guys) biking around Berlin, giving away tubes full of free art! We are always a fan of getting art out there and into the world, and are excited to think of our prints papering many a wall across the ocean. Thanks to Papergirl for being so freakin' rad: here's a link to their stuff so you can read more (it's a mixture of German and English)

Blog: http://papergirl-world.blogspot.com/

Website: http://papergirl-berlin.de/

They are still accepting entries, so don't delay - send your prints today!(a sampling of what we sent. See more at www.papirmasse.com, and www.hellokirsten.etsy.com)

1 comment:

Chris Rusak said...

This is awesome. I have to say everything about the Berlin art scene is excellent, and the arts culture there really should be a model North America uses for improvement.