August 11, 2010

Under Pressure Graffiti Festival 2010!!!!!!!

Under Pressure, aka the best damn thing that happens in Montreal in the summer, is gearing up for its 15th year this coming weekend. August 14th and 15th, come down and join the party at Peace Park and Foufounes Electrique (the former being just above Renée Levesque on St. Laurent, the latter...well, you know Foufes, don't you?). Why am I so excited? Because above and beyond being a long-term fan of the event, I was lucky enough to get to design their shirts this year! We went with a playing card theme and the phrase Down With the Kings as our mantra. Below are the results. For more info on the event, visit Posters of these images will be available at the event and online at

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(( lena )) said...

OMG I love this! great illustration :)