January 18, 2011

Lucha Libre

New drawing for the pin-ups issue of Decover Magazine, a free Montreal arts mag that showcases the work of local artists. I made this one specially for them.

I wanted to turn the notion of a "pin-up" on its head a little. That's why I chose to use a man instead of a woman, and also used someone without an ideal body. I gave the guy a Lucha Libre mask because those dudes are all about performance and presenting an idealized masculine image (much like female pin-ups, who represent an idealized version of femininity). I liked the idea of a pin-up who is the centre of attention but betrays some self-consciousness; it's like he's wondering if he's really sexy enough to be up there. I think that's a feeling we all know too well. Don't worry, Lucha guy: you're super cute in your socks and underpants. Work it!


priyanka said...

I'm in love with your brain.

sharon said...

So awesome.

Kirsten McCrea said...

Thanks a mil! He was really fun to make.

MWC-TDL said...

Can we please please please screen print this! It's soooooo fantastic

El Grande said...

Hey, this image is great!!!

I'd love to feature it on my personal lucha libre blog @myluchalibrelife.blogspot.com

(This is not spam by the way)

Please let me know A.S.A.P. and you will get props, plus the opportunity to plug in some links. Thanks!