May 25, 2011

New Screenprinted Shirts and Posters

I love screenprinting but don't get to do it anymore myself because I learned how to print at a fancypants art school with their fancypants equipment and don't have a 5-million dollar drying machine at home (oh UV inks, so pretty, so not DIY in any way!). Someday I will learn how to screenprint the real way - in a dingy basement with a can of latex paint and some noise rock blaring - but until then I will count myself lucky when someone else steps up the plate and prints for me.

That's happened a few times this year, thanks to Threadless and Moniker. Check out the respected designs below.

Deer shirt, available through Threadless! $20. Click here to order.
For this girl-tee (and the one featured above), click here. Also $20.
The print is available through Society6, at varying sizes and prices. Check that out here. Note that this is the only thing in this post not screenprinted. They use a super pro laser printer.

And now for Moniker! The atom bomb print. Girl tank top is taupe on white, $30. Buy it here.

And the guy's version. Black on red! Also $30, check it out here. Moniker is an amazing screenprinting company here in Montreal that prints on garments made in North America and does a lot to support artists, such as the annual Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low.

And last but not least, a screenprint of my little self-conscious lucha man is available! See more here.


A J A Louden said...

The luchadore is awesome!

Denver Apartment said...

Awesome i really like your creation should recommend your blog to my other friends