July 18, 2011

New York Infographics

I don't have much to post about as I'm spending a month wandering the streets of New York. My partner and I realized that we could sublet our Montreal apartments and rent a place in the Big Apple for the same price as our combined rent - mind you, we collectively occupy 11 rooms in Montreal (what with two apartments and a studio), which we traded for one room in Brooklyn. Yessiree, 11 rooms for the price of 1! While I am of course enchanted with this city (and our one room here is very nice) I think the 11 to 1 ratio will keep me staying put in la belle province for the time being (we also figured out that we together have 11 years of post-secondary education, which cost us about what 1 year would at the big art schools here, so the 11 to 1 ratio holds true for more than rent).

We are spending the month here wandering around, meeting fellow art dorks, and of course just kind of being in awe of how big everything is. Biking around Manhattan is putting me in touch with my own mortality, and the incredible food and art everywhere are perking up my tired mind.

I've taken my little spare time and used it to redesign the Papirmasse website (just a minor facelift), making it more user-friendly and navigatable. I added these cute little infographics, which were really fun to make. So that's basically this post: I'm in New York, making infographics.

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