March 6, 2008

No Man's Land: HIV/AIDS and Waiting

Yay! I'm super excited about the news that two pieces from 'Hot Topic' will be shown in No Man's Land, the annual HIV/AIDS show held at Concordia University.

Marlon Riggs was a prominent gay rights activist and filmmaker who passed away from AIDS related illness in 1994. David Wojnarowicz was a painter and performance artist who was prominent in the New York art scene of the 1980s. Wojnarowicz passed away from AIDS related illness in 1992. Both men were incredibly talented and the world is certainly a dimmer and less creative place without them.

More information on Riggs can be found here:, and here:

Information on Wojnarowicz can be found here:

The show is on from March 30 - April 5, 2008. The vernissage is on April 3.

VAV Gallery, 1395 Rene Levesque W., Montreal, QC
Visit for more information.

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