March 20, 2008

Okay, maybe I could get used to this

I was just messing around with an old matrix before stripping my screen, but I like the results so much more than the print they were from that I'm not going to clean the screen yet. I'm going to keep working on these.

They're BIG too - over 2x2 feet and 2x3 feet, respectively. I've only put up details from the 2x3 one - bugger was way too big to scan.


Chris Rusak said...

It's pretty awesome how, through the process of silkscreening, we come up with brilliant images by toying with 'the leftovers,' dirty used screens, off-registered originals...

Playing is fun again. Nice work.

Snap said...

Looks awesome! Would love to use this something like this as a lampshade!