June 4, 2008

Ms. Guided and sexy bearded ladies

Ms. Guided, a feminist travel 'zine, launched issue #3 last week with a great party at the Eastern Block, and I'm honoured to be included. Just look at the thing! It's gorgeous. Perfectly bound and with a great cover illustration (in my mind I tell myself that the children are wearing orange jumpsuits because they're escaping from some sort of mad child-prison).

The inside is drool-worthy at points.

The theme was Change (,) of Course. My piece, Bearded Ladies, is about the fashion industry, which purports to "change" all the time, but in fact merely recycles the same tired looks (and ideals) over and over again. I thought it would be great if the fashion industry really did radically change for once, and bearded ladies became the next hot thing. Imagine...

Many thanks to Eliane, editor in chief, who did a fantastic job turning my image into one of those sliding-square puzzles (love it!) and all the bands who played the launch. Ms. Guided is available at select outlets around Montreal and elsewhere: check http://www.msguided.org for a full list of retailers.


karen said...

neat. i will look for this when i am in toronto in a few weeks.

love it!

medwards said...

I bet if bearded ladies became fashionable they'd still be able to grow a beard faster than me :(