June 27, 2008

Stephen Harper, Stupid Hamster Face

'nuff said.

UPDATE: You can now get your very own hamster face print at my etsy shop (hellokirsten.etsy.com)


MZDAIR said...

I really like the hamster faced Harper.



ThirdWaveVegan said...

hi kristen,

i came across your blog while i was looking for a particularly good shot of harper's particularly bad haircut. i loved your hamster face thumbnail and when i clicked on your site and saw your top banner (your name on pushpins), i was intrigued to keep looking. wowee, i really love your work - especially your hot topic installation - very cool.

do you sell online? upcoming exhibitions? should i just keep checking your blog? i just moved to england so if you have anything european planned (why not?!) i would love to know more about it.

thanks for all this.

Kirsten McCrea said...

Hi Stacy,

Thanks so much for the kind words. The most I can tell you is that I'm currently working on a website, and also have a big mail art project in the works. Details will be posted as soon as my website is done: www.hellokirsten.com

So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hey, terrific!
I hope you're aware of the 'Stephen Harper Portait Gallery' hosted by artthreat.net! This would be a great addition and a contender for the top prize.
- carl

Kirsten McCrea said...

Thanks Carl (and others)! I totally entered that prize the second a friend notified me of its existence; it's pretty much the greatest contest in the history of competition. Alright, that's a huge exaggeration, but I'm mega excited for a Stephen Harper Portrait Gallery (the jerk).

Cheryl Davies said...

love this.

thanks :>

katrink said...

My tribute to you...

I mailed it this morning.