August 13, 2008

Dear graphics tablet, I will marry you

I got a new thingamajig this weekend, and I have to tell you: never did I think I would love a piece of technology so much.  My Wacom graphics tablet* is...well, like I said - I basically got down on one knee and proposed.

These were done super fast due to a combination of very limited free time and total lack of patience.  I like Beth Ditto (who rules my world) the best, though I should have gone in for some more shading.

The self-portrait (with a toothbrush sticking out of my mouth) was done from a very dark picture, and I'm not a fan of how it turned out.  I was going for some lazy-ass cross-hatching, and the results were lazy-ass messy.  Some sort of balance between the two and more precise line-work is needed.  But all in all, not bad for a start.

*I could pretend I did these the old fashioned way with ink and paper, but I'm all for honesty in art.  And, as a certain friend of mine once said, "Work smarter, not harder, stupid."

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