August 15, 2008

Dear Graphics Tablet, I Will Marry You (part 2)

More illustration.  I know that the devil is in the details, and I should do more shading and whatnot, but I'm really into just cranking these out right now.  I spent about an hour on each one.

The above is another self-portrait, and the one beneath is based on a photo by the very talented Michael Kuby (who I'm lucky enough to be related to).  


Dave P said...

Being the lax friend I am, I just started looking over everything you had posted on facebook and now have found your blog!

Either way, the graphics tablet work is wonderful as well as looking like a lot of fun. I'm also going to be drooling over your Hot Topic series for months. Unbelievable, and I do hope that your showing from so many months ago went well!

Either way, I'll keep tabs on the blog and I'm gonna have to show this off to eeeeveryone I know. Bwahaha.

SNAP! said...

looks good! why didn't you enter our t-shirt design competition? do it! how is the west coast?

rosalyn said...

wow! i love ur illustrations!
i'm really wanting to get a tablet soooo bad - what's urs??

Anonymous said...

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