June 16, 2009

New Illo! Eye Weekly!

A new illustration for Eye Weekly about how it can sometimes be harder to be a good father than a good mother, because in order to be good fathers men need to be emotional in ways they aren't used to.  

The photo above is a little dull compared to the file I sent in, because: BEHOLD!  What happens when you try to display a file with a CMYK profile on the internet (which works in RGB).  Sigh, I feel like I am always learning and there are 1,000,000 things that can go wrong when computers and printing get together.  

Actually, it looks kind of cool.  Way to work the complimentary colours, internet.
Work in progress: getting near the end.  I really fell in love with the multi-face thing going on above, but ultimately decided that it was the art part of my brain that loved the weirdness of it, and that the illustration part of my brain needed to focus on communicating a message.  In that respect, keeping the second face looking more like a mask was probably a good choice.  Also, the double face thing might be visually confusing to everyone but, say, the person who drew it.  That was my main concern, anyway.

Work in progress: This is what it looked like after day one: a few hours of compiling the various elements.  Day two was refinement and colour choice.  Thank god, because it looks WAY better now.

I'm still iffy on this whole revealing my process thing I'm doing.  I wonder if it makes sense to air so much of my dirty laundry and mistakes out there.  Then again, as an illustrator who is fairly new to the game, I really like seeing how other people do their thang.  And I figure that if I want to see it, I'd better show it too.  So here it is folks!  For now, at least...  Ha ha, until some art director says, "Well, I *was* going to hire you, until I saw your passion for teal early in the process.  Deal breaker!"

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karen said...

i love seeing process. and where people work. maybe that's creepy but i like to see where people "create"