April 23, 2011

Where Are We Going? Exquisite Corpse

I'm in the upcoming Poplar and Pine show at Latitude 53 in good ol' Dirt City (Edmonton Alberta). Last year's show asked artists to visually answer the question: Where are we from? This year P&P asks: Where are we going?

To help illustrate (err...literally) this idea, P&P is putting together a map in the style of the exquisite corpse. Each artist was invited to make a tile for the map. The only protocol was that we stuck to the four indicated exit points, so that all the maps join up nicely when tiled together.

Can't wait to see the whole thing! Here is my contribution. Where are we going? Clearly down a path of excessive gluttonous consumption...or, in a less metaphorical light: yum! Cake!

This map image is just a taste (boy, I'm on a roll here) of what's to come for the show. Every artist is also making a poster that answers the question. I'll post mine in the coming weeks, and of course if you're in Edmonton, you will for sure want to head down to the show to check out all the entries in real life.

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