April 24, 2008

Thanks again!

The opening of the HIV/AIDS show was also great. Tons of people came out, and (as with the FOFA show, which I sadly have no pictures of), the work was so strong I felt honoured to be included.

MR and Mandrew had a religious experience.

It ended with him serving her head on a platter.

View of the crowd. So much great work to look at!

My two measly paintings. I love them, but everything else was so much more exciting!

Like Miss Mandrew's video, which constantly had a line-up 10 people in to watch it. I had to come back the next day! Look at how thrilled he is with his success.

In fact, here's someone watching it. That's the shortest line of the evening.

So, muchos muchos gracias to all the organizers. I also want to do a shout out to Summer G., who had the great idea to put on a show for all those rejected by the Art Matters festival (that's twice now for me, and I guess two strikes and you're out since I am officially finished my degree now). Le Social liked the show so much they've decided to keep it up for another month. I don't have pictures, but Willy the Bum snapped a few at the opening, and they can be viewed here: http://communitycritique.blogspot.com/2008/04/salon-des-refuss-vernissage-photos.html

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