May 5, 2008

720 New Prints!

Because I am a crazy, crazy person who doesn't know when to quit, I finished off the semester by making my biggest series yet: an edition of roughly 720 5x7 prints, each totally unique and different from the others.

I'm planning on going back into them with all sorts of drawing and collage materials.  This is definitely the most liberating project I've worked on in a while.  When you have so many of something, there's nothing at stake if you mess one up.
(Above: example of 3 of a kind.  Below: 'Double Nationalism' and 'Pull a Heavy Heart'.)
I say "roughly 720" because I left a few of them together.  I'm especially looking forward to creating more of a narrative within the wider ones.


Chris Rusak said...

Hey, that is REALLY awesome. Congratulations! The freedom of working abstractly (without defined this is what and only what I am making structure) in printmaking truly is a liberating experience.

And the narrative you can create with them is infinite.


Kirsten McCrea said...

Thanks so much Chris. I'll keep posting as I collage and draw onto them.

karen said...

can i be your #1 fan? has that position been filled by any other old classmates that spend too much time online?

i'm way less creepy than i sound.

Kirsten McCrea said...

yes you can, karen! i am currently accepting applications.