May 21, 2008

Artist Desperately Craves Studio Space

This is where I'm working right now: in the corner of my bedroom.  I have to say that it's no fun sleeping next to drying oil paintings, but at least I'm getting lots of work done.  At last count I had almost 30 paintings in my room, many of them works-in-progress.  It's making the plan to teach English abroad so that I can afford a studio in the future seem all the more necessary.  If this weren't a short-term situation, I would be going crazy right now.  
The first thing I'm going to do when I have my very own studio space? Paint something HUGE!   For now, I have lots and lots of little paintings I've been working on.  

Expect many pictures in the coming months.


Chris Rusak said...

I just spent 4 hours reorganizing my apartment so my studio space would be more fluid to fostering creativity. Extra space is great, but a warning, it is like having a child.

Don't forget to burn the sage!

Ginger said...

For little room for your paintings ,you get some awesome art out of it. Well done my friend.
Just move my crafts to a little room i'll keep you up dated on it.Less i can walk in it haha Unpacking it still .Thought it might need painting but first crafts.
Great blog thank you for sharing.