May 6, 2008

I completely have a new addiction

Would you still love me if I only placed 2nd in the Mexican Wrestling Championship Match???
Sadly, Photobooths do not appear to follow the Western construct of left to right narrative, so it's not quite in the correct order.  But next time - watch out!  I am now prepared.  I am going to spend all my food money this summer on train-station passport photos.  I'm so obsessed I'm going to go look on ebay right now and see if there are any old Photobooths for sale.  Not that I exactly have pocket change for that kind of thing, but at $4.00 a pop, these things are going to run me dry in no time fast.  Worth every penny, though.

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Kirsten McCrea said...


Daaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnnnnnn. Damn damn damn damn.

Who knew?