October 27, 2008

From the vault: Oh Alberta!

All those wheat bales of hay give away your lusty ways. 
This is an old poster from the Lip 'zine 'Public' issue.  Everyone made a different 'page' of the 'zine and then we wheat pasted them up all over Montreal in a few glorious hours.  (It's a grain elevator can-can dancing, to those of you who didn't grow up on the Prairies.  Yes, they dance surprisingly well.)

On a side-note: why did no one warn me that trying to design and create my own website would lead to frustration and possible insanity?  Not that I would have listened, but MAN, computers can be annoying to work with.  I miss painting...  :( 

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karen said...

I seriously cried several times out of frustration trying to make myself a site. I ended up with something that works mostly in Firefox and I try not to think about anything else.
I used frames because it was easy and all the kids were doing it.
Check it out: heart-beats.ca