October 28, 2008

Kim Jong da Bomb

I am hatching mad plans to turn this sucker into a super cheap print.  You in?


Chris Rusak said...

What, may I ask, is the original produced from, dimensions, and yes, I'm definitely in for a print.

Awesome. Just saw a bunch of Chinese contemporary art exhibitions here in the Bay Area and I'm gung-ho for Mao now.

Kirsten McCrea said...

The original is a 5x4 foot oil painting that lives in Montreal at the moment...

I will make sure to let you know when this project comes to fruition.

Whitney Clayton said...

Hey there! Are you still in Montreal? I appreciate your comments and it's nice to see you've got a blog as well! I LOVE this painting, I clearly remember it looking very impressive in the EV. What are you up to now? Concordia is....Concordia..I am taking 4 studio classes this year which is great because it's really pushing me to be consistently working. Obviously I just do my own thing and submit it to whatever class it sort of fits to..anyway, take care! Good to hear from you!

ThirdWaveVegan said...

je suis 'in' comme ils disent.
please keep me posted on kim's status.

Kirsten McCrea said...

Hi everyone! This image is now available as a print as part of the Papirmasse affordable art subscription.

All Papirmasse prints are only $5.00 each. In order to keep the price so insanely low, they are not sold individually, but rather as a set of 12. So for $60 plus shipping you get 12 signed and editioned art prints! Whoa.

More information at www.papirmasse.com

Click on #1 to see the Kim Jong print.