October 10, 2008

Mural #2

So, a few years ago Alberta's short-sighted Conservative government gave each and every Alberta resident a tax-free cheque for $400. Nevermind that this $1.4 billion could have gone towards library cards (we're the only province that doesn't have free libraries), abolishing healthcare premiums (we're one of the only that has to pay them, though that's thankfully ending soon), hot lunch programs, mental health programs, affordable housing, etc., etc., etc. ... I used my money to pay for a moving van and got the hell out of Alberta.

But then two years later I found myself back here again. This time around the plan is to make some money and run back to Montreal, where I will use my cushion of cash to pay for a studio for a few years. That being said, I haven't posted a ton lately because I am almost literally working ALL THE TIME. Okay, I sleep. But when I'm awake, I'm at a job. Really.

Luckily one of my jobs is a sweet mural-painting gig. Earlier this week we installed our second mural of the summer (and last for a while; it's cold here now! Brrrr). Here are a few shots of the mural's progress over the last few weeks (courtesy of head mural honcho, Ian Mulder).

First, we find a wall. This one is on a metal shop in Edmonton, next to Barb and Ernie's.

Then, we paint paint paint the whole thing in studio. It's big!
Next, we paint the wall and spend tons of time raising the lift, lowering the lift, climbing up and down the ladder, accidentally dropping things off the lift and running down as fast as we can before they blow into traffic... Oh yes, we also attach the mural to the wall.
We do a lot of touch-ups on the wall, changing colours, repainting things. And finally, after three cold and windy days, it's done! The wall is ugly no longer.