May 12, 2009


I just finished this HUGE sucker and damn damn damn it is pretty exciting.  It is the FIRST abstract I have ever done, and I feel like I could suddenly take my work in a whole new direction I never knew existed.  

I've been feeling guilty lately.  I moved back to Montreal 2 months ago with the goal of making art ALL THE TIME (this seems to be a caps lock post), and it took a little longer to get settled in than I had anticipated.  I was feeling like I had not accomplished enough.  A few paintings are well under way at the studio (plus I actually *have* a studio!), and I have a bunch of stretched canvases, AND I'm still publishing the art subscription, and I did another illustration, AND I got illustration postcards printed and compiled a mailing list - but STILL for some reason I felt like I had done nothing.  When I finished this today and took it out to the yard to photograph it, I realized that it's actually quite the accomplishment.  It's hanging in my kitchen now and is big and crazy and insanely detailed, and I love it. 


karen said...

Listen, stop hogging all the awesome of the world.

Love lots,
#1 fan

Kevin said...

welcome back to Montreal!

Adam Bergeron said...

GRRRRREAT DRRRRRRAWING, I love your style of drawing.