May 10, 2009

ReVIEW: Reversible Book!

Now that the April issue of Papirmasse is out and safely in the hands of subscribers, we can tell you why we were all atingle about it. It's a reversible book! Printed on one very large single sheet of paper, this beauty folds down into a 6 x 9 inch book that features two-toned drawings on one side, and hand-written artist profiles on the other.  

The front and back cover of side 1.

Inside: Bruce Lee and Ride 'em Cowboy.

More doodles.

Faces from the Kid Koala drawing sessions in Montreal 
this past February, and Goodbye Hands.

Back covers!

Front and back cover of side 2.

Featuring a round-up of my favourite artists (ie. who I steal my ideas from).
Josh Holinaty, Turf One, Produkt, and Other...

...the YPF Collective and David Choe...

... & last but not least Jillian Tamaki and Dietrich Rosteck.

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karen said...

first off, so excited. also, where did the background image on your blog come from??

Andrea said...

Yey! I bought this from you in the fall & rediscovered it last night. I feel like folding and cutting all the paper I see today into reversible books....