May 12, 2009

New Illustration

A new illustration for Vue Weekly in Edmonton. Edmonton is in Alberta, a province familiar with booms and busts due to its reliance on oil mon
ey. The concept was to depict a millionaire in a soup line, to accompany an article on the emergence of the 'bust' part of the cycle.

Since I always find myself wishing more illustrators showed their process, I'm going to try out showing mine, even though I'm very much a novice compared to the illustrators whose blogs I compulsively read.  So here we go: concept sketch
Final sketch (looking at them now I kind of prefer the concept sketch 
to the final one.  I think I lost some of the spontaneity, and had better composition).
I tried to make the millionaire look a little less cartoony than he does here.  Other than that, there's more I want to say (I always feel like I have SO MUCH to learn!), but I think I'll save it for another post.  Here's the cover as printed:

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