May 25, 2009


I had a total jet-setting Monday. From Montreal to Ottawa and back, in one glorious day. Pretty much what I discovered is that Canteen is one of my favourite art-spots in Canada (it's kind of half a gallery, half an art-book store), Ottawa smells like flowers everywhere, and Stephen Harper is not hiding behind garbage cans, waiting to ambush unsuspecting tourists, as I had been told.

Here are the pictures of my show at Canteen. If the 'Stephen Harper, Stupid Hamster Face' painting sells, I will of course be sad to see it go (it's a personal fave), but I will also know that of all the cities in the world, it is in the right place.

Bright Bear - a new one.
My work alongside some pretty amazinglyawesome art books.  
I need to go back just to peruse them!
Wham bam, thank you man - here's the whole shibang.  I gave Canteen the very last of my Bearded Lady prints (4).  I had no idea I had gotten so low on them, but I guess a few sales and a few gifts here and there, and bam - they're gone!  So if you're in Ottawa, grab 'em while they're hot.  
Thar she is.  The Bearded Lass, in all her glory.  Too bad you can't see all the swirly detail in her hair on the ol' internet.
Seripop and zines in the back room. 

This was a delightful discovery - my favourite artist, Other, made the coolest sign for a store ever.  Lucky store.  They had a pretty rad art gallery upstairs too.
And yes - tulip festival.  xoxo Ottawa.  
My work will be up for approximately the month of May, and maybe a little bit of June.  I highly recommend checking out this store if you ever get the chance - it rivals anything I've seen in New York or Montreal or Toronto or San Francisco for pure art wonderfulness.

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