September 11, 2012

New Work + Live Free Show at the Hellion Gallery in Portland

Three new drawings never before seen by the internet are at the Hellion Gallery in Portland this month for the LIVE FREE show, put on by Mike Maxwell. And now they are also here, on the INTERNET, for your cyber-viewing pleasure.

I'm pretty happy that the Hellion Gallery is so on top of things because I did not scan these drawings before I sent them off, so many thanks to the fine folks there for taking care of that. You can see more photos of the show here and at Mike Maxwell's blog and you can purchase works from the show online here.

I kind of felt when I made the Hand drawing (below) that it was a bit derivative of Mike Giant, so how weird is it that it ended up in a show WITH Mike Giant?! Ah well, that's life. Plus, his stuff is so in another realm of awesome that it's not even possible to really be similar to him, try as one might.

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