September 6, 2012

Croft Laneway Revitalization

Here are some pictures from a scorching hot day at the end of June. 10 artists descended on Croft Lane near Kensington Market in Toronto to revitalize a stretch of road that was covered in some pretty sorry graffiti. Big thanks to Adrian Dilena of Whippersnapper Gallery and the Kensington Market Community Association for organizing the event and providing piping hot Mexican food, cold drinks, sweet tunes, and all the paint and supplies.

The alley from a distance

People in this neighbourhood have style

Lemon Bucket played some great music

Painting starts

Javid's killing it

Jp goes isometric

Yours truly perhaps picked something that was a little too labor intensive!

Here it is at the end of the day, still in need of a bit of work. The alley faces onto an elementary school playground.

Jp King's bold mural.
Nic Robins' bright colours pop.

The alley looks amazing now!

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