February 22, 2008

Anne Peebles, Tammy Hart, The Slits, Hanin Elias


Kirsten McCrea said...

Ann Peebles - (1947- ) internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter best known for her popular Memphis soul albums of the 1970s.

Tammy Hart - unable to find conclusive information on this person.

The Slits - female punk band active from 1976 to the present.

Hanin Elias - (1972- ) German industrial/techno artist. Former member of ATR (Atari Teenage Riot), currently working as a solo artist.

tammyhart said...

I can tell you a bit about myself, as a Tammy Hart(1983- ). First off, "Hart" is a deer, not an internal organ. :) Secondly, I am a musician, but my main profession is web design. boring, I know. I'm also passionate about being a mother and wife.

Kirsten McCrea said...

Ha ha, thank you Tammy! Are you the Tammy Hart in the song?

I did indeed end up finding a bit of information about a Tami Hart about a year after finishing the series. I'm not sure if it's a case of wrong spelling or if there just is no info out there.

While I found it really unfortunate that there were a few people in the song who I could not find information on (even in this age of the internet!), it only reinforced for me the fact that we have to work to preserve the memories of the work of cultural creators who are outside of the mainstream.