February 21, 2008

Kara Walker, Justin Bond, Bridget Irish, Juliana Leuking

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Kirsten McCrea said...

Kara Walker - (1969- ) artist known for her room-size tableaux of black paper silhouettes, which explore race, gender, sexuality, violence and identity.

Justin Bond - iconic queer performer out of New York City, best known as his drag incarnation Kiki, an aging, bitter chanteuse known for her raucous and edgy medleys of unusual cover songs. Appeared as himself in the film Shortbus.

Bridget Irish - (1966- ) radical performance artist, drag king, and contributer to ‘Free to Fight’, an interactive self-defense project for women.

Juliana Lueking - the "Queen of Spoken Word" writes and records stories about eccentric folks and the odd things they do. She was a unique part of the 80s hardcore scene in Washington, DC, where she jumped on stage between bands to perform gripping monologues.