February 21, 2008

Cecilia Dougherty, Ariel Schrag, The Need, Vaginal Creme Davis


Kirsten McCrea said...

Cecilia Dougherty - video artist whose works focus on the themes of lesbianism and popular culture, as well as the nature of individual experience within society.

Ariel Schrag - (1979- ) cartoonist who achieved critical recognition at an unusually early age for her autobiographical comics documenting highschool life.

The Need - Queercore band featuring Rachel Carns and Radio Sloan.

Vaginal Creme Davis - (1969- ) drag queen, performance artist, painter, independent curator, composer, and writer. Associated with the formation of the Queercore ‘zine movement. Davis's name is an homage to the radical black feminist Angela Davis.

C Dougherty said...

hi kirsten,
not sure what the date is on these paintings but when i found them i was really moved, surprised, and pleased in a way that i hope is not about ego but about communication. thanks. cecilia d.

Kirsten McCrea said...


I am years behind in answering this but I wanted to say thank you so much! That is really sweet to hear. I've been working on a follow-up to the series at www.hottopicproject.com

If you can suggest anyone who you think should be included in a second version of Hot Topic please let me know!