February 22, 2008

Carol Rama, Eleanor Antin, Yoko Ono, Carolee Schneemann

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Kirsten McCrea said...

Carol Rama - (1918- ) self-taught artist, known for her erotic paintings and drawings. Created images that challenged state censorship in fascist Italy.

Eleanor Antin - (1935- ) performance artist, film-maker, installation artist. Focuses on issues of identity and the role of women in society. Famous for ‘100 Boots’, a mail-art conceptual art project.

Yoko Ono - (1933- ) conceptual artist, avante-garde filmmaker, performance artist, and former member of Fluxus whose artistic accomplishments have been overshadowed by her relationship with John Lennon.

Carolee Schneeman - (1939- ) performance artist whose groundbreaking works in the 60s recontextualized the role of the female nude in art.